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At LG Horizon, we're always looking toward the future. Founded by Managing Member Russ Derickson, we pursue a better future by relying on two things: proven science, and effective improvisation. Working with us is your opportunity to apply these key principles to your organization's mission, and align that mission with the needs of today and tomorrow.


Backed By Scientific Success

Our Managing Member has an extensive background in science, engineering, and technology at the Ph.D. level. Guided by his experience and expertise, we focus on responsibility, efficiency, and organizational development. From elementary school classrooms to high-pressure business environments, we provide relevant solutions that achieve success without sacrificing wider societal contributions.

Improvising Experts

Some problems and opportunities can't be planned for. That doesn't mean they can't be met with focused and intelligent action. By leveraging extensive knowledge and a scientific approach to improvisation, we achieve more for our clients by staying flexible and resilience on every project. This allows us to adapt when necessary and stay ready for every challenge.